The Beers of Autumn: Freaktoberfest by Schmaltz


Freaktoberfest is one of the strangest looking beers you'll ever consider putting into your mouth. It's red — blood red, seriously, arterial red — and produces a surprisingly pretty pink foam when poured. Freaktoberfest is produced by the deadly serious beer pranksters at Schmaltz Brewing Company, known primarily for making He'Brew (The Chosen Beer).

At 6.66% ABV, Freaktoberfest builds a buzz and makes a point: This is a Halloween sideshow novelty beer, a beer that's out for a wild, zombieriffic time, not scoring perfect marks at the craft brewers' judging table. That said: It's a pleasant drink, shockingly smooth and easygoing without being insubstantial. You're primed for cinnamon, or cayenne, or tomatoes or something crazily unorthodox, but the beer itself is actually a fairly laid-back Oktoberfest, bouncing malt against hops.

It's a ton of fun in a relatively small bottle, and there may be no more appropriate beer on the planet to pour for a Halloween gathering.

Freaktoberfest Schmaltz Brewing Company 1 pint, 6 oz. bottle for $4.79 Overall Grade (scale of 10): 8 Autumness: 90% (This beer is 100 percent Halloween, which is pretty damned autumnal unto itself)