The Bachelor Farmer goes totally '80s for Halloween

I've got your Kokomo right here
I've got your Kokomo right here
Photo courtesy Marvel Bar

Pop that collar baby, we're going back in time. ("Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads!") For one night only the

Bachelor Farmer


Marvel Bar

will be dipping back into the era of big hair and even bigger phones. The inspiration for the evening comes from two prominent '80s set cinema classics.

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This is Bachelor Farmer's second annual Halloween fête. Last year, the restaurant got a Muppet makeover, and now they've been inspired by

American Psycho

in the dining room and that paean to flipping booze bottles,


, at Marvel Bar.

They're a subtle off-white coloring, raised lettering in Silian Rail, and it even has a watermark.
They're a subtle off-white coloring, raised lettering in Silian Rail, and it even has a watermark.
Photo courtesy The Bachelor Farmer

On Thursday October 31, there will be a top-to-bottom overhaul of all the menus both upstairs and down. The Bachelor Farmer will be channeling Dorsia, the fictional restaurant that receives several mentions in American Psycho. They've been combing the movie for all kinds of inspiration, as well as gathering some tips from fans and friends. Will there be quiche? Orange roughy? TAB? Who can say? 

According to co-owner Eric Dayton, Chef Paul Berglund and his kitchen team are still working out the details. "We take what we do seriously for the whole year," he said. "It's fun to take that and turn it around  in a cheeky way. We'll still be taking the food seriously, but more '80s, more over-the-top."

There are no tickets -- all that's needed is a regular dinner reservation or room inside their lower level speakeasy. "It's not a big, expensive to-do. Just come in and try some recipes. Costumes are welcome," Dayton assured us. You heard him, break out the Aqua Net.

Downstairs, the staff at Marvel have indeed been learning how to do that flashy bar tending that was so popular in the era -- flinging and spinning bottles, the up-and-over-the-shoulder deal that really impresses the ladies. As for what the cocktails will be, they're not willing to talk specifics. "I did hear the words 'wine cooler' come out of Pip's mouth," Dayton said. (That would be Pip Hanson, grand imperial cocktail mix master of Marvel Bar and Tom Cruise stand-in).

More details will be shared as they finalize them. One thing is sure, it's going to be major.

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