The Atlantic launches a food blog

The Atlantic launches a food blog

The Atlantic now has a food blog. They're actually calling it a "channel" rather than a blog which defies my understanding (anyone?), but whatever it is, it's being helmed by decorated food journalist and longtime Atlantic contributor Corby Kummer.

The first couple days of "Corby's Fresh Feeds" include a dispatch from Grant Achatz of Chicago's famed Alinea Restaurant, a "Dining with Larry David" piece and articles on honky tonk Thai food (wtf), cheese smuggling and a Grecian pig slaughter.

Kummer's specialties are coffee and slow food (he has books on both) and that's evident from from the site's inaugural content. He also went to Yale, hence (presumably) the slightly incongruous article on the college's sustainable food project.

In general, the site boasts a impressive flock of widely-dispersed contributors. Overall, it's pretty damn comprehensive and pretty damn good.

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