The Art of Food edition of Best of Hot Dish: March 28 - April 1, 2011

Origami's beautiful and giving Tohoku roll

Origami's beautiful and giving Tohoku roll

Some say preparing food and drink is an art, and the Hot Dish heartily agrees. This week we wrap up with a celebration of the week's posts that show the creativity inherent in cocktails, beer, sushi, and even restaurant design and concepts--plus an artful appeal to your humanitarianism.

  • Enjoy some straight-up visual art with this video of how the Lowbrow's mural came to be.
  • We just love the menu art on display in the Denny's Baconalia post (some copywriter made their career with the word Baconalia!).
  • There truly is an art to cask beer, and the Firkin Fest recap is the place to read about it.
  • Sushi is more than a food preparation, it's a promise that things will look as beautiful as they taste. These rolls of love also help folks in Japan...

Enjoy some seasonal maple syrup with your 100 Favorite Dishes entries on the Hot Dish this weekend and we'll see you on Monday!

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