The Apple Zinger at Mississippi Market: A well-pressed drink of the week

Fresh produce juiced to order at Mississippi Market
Fresh produce juiced to order at Mississippi Market
Kelly Moritz

Apple Zinger $5.99 Mississippi Market

It's that time of year, when those of us who care about such things snap out of our daylight-savings-induced long sleep with a few extra pounds in tow and visions of tank tops in our heads. Whether you want to inject some liquid nutrients into a newly jump-started healthy diet or just want something tasty and completely natural to sip on, Mississippi Market has its fresh juice game down to a science. Friendly advice: Don't shock your body with a cup full of greens on the first go; dip a toe in gently with the Apple Zinger.

Standing slack-jawed in front of the juice bar menu looking bewildered will prompt Rick or another friendly co-op worker to jump to your aid. Rick recommended the Apple Zinger for a beginner, with an extra insider tip: "I like to add beets to this one. I think it adds a nice amount of earthiness to offset all the sweetness." Bright pink and inviting, the juice was sweet to start, thanks to the recognizable apple flavor mingled with carrot, with tart and spicy lemon and ginger lingering on the palate. As promised, the beets deepened and enhanced the flavor and upped the nutritional value to boot. It was refreshing and definitely wholesome.

If you've ever tried juicing at home on anything less than top-of-the-line equipment, you'll recognize that there's something magical about placing an order for a Cuke Skywalker (cukes, celery, apples, parsley, spinach), leisurely browsing the gluten-free brownies and vegan literature, then slurping down all the juicy goodness with none of the messy cleanup. Plus you can mix and match supplements not found in the average kitchen, like a boost of spirulina for immunity ($1) or a shot of wheatgrass ($1.99). Snap out of a winter slump with this fresh-pressed pick-me-up.

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Mississippi Market

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