The Ango Flip at Parlour: Switch things up with this drink of the week

Parlour flips the script on traditional ingredients in this decadent winter warmer.
Parlour flips the script on traditional ingredients in this decadent winter warmer.

Ango Flip Parlour $13

From Thai chili to sour cherry, horehound to hops, bitters are having their day in the sun. Practically requisite ingredients in any fashionable craft cocktail, bitters can be concocted from any combination of ingredients imaginable. And yet, there's something to be said for longevity, for dependability, and for tried and true flavor.

Enter Angostura. Sturdy, ubiquitous, all but taken for granted, the great minds behind the cocktail program at Parlour have taken this most common of drink flavoring agents and promoted it to center stage in their creamy, dreamy Ango Flip.

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"I think we might be the only bar in town that puts a pour spout in a bottle of Angostura bitters," said Parlour barkeep Nate McLemore. He explained the inventive use of the ingredient with a brief schooling on the finer points of the classic flip cocktail, typically made with booze, cream, and a whole egg. Rather than adding an element of flavor to the cocktail, the bitters become the base, transforming what was once aromatic and ethereal into the "meat and potatoes" of the drink, from a layer of flavor to the flavor itself.

No need to wait until Repeal Day to swing by this modern day speak; though Jesse Held and company have swell things up their sleeves for that celebration, any day of the week spent sipping something strong at this dimly lit stretch of bar is time well spent for those seeking a more creative cocktail. Sit back and be dazzled as your Ango Flip is shaken dry (to better incorporate the whole egg), then shaken with ice, deftly poured and finished with a liberal sprinkle of freshly grated cinnamon. Savor the unmatched silkiness, and the powerful, intoxicating fragrance. Know you're in good hands, and simply indulge.

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