The 7th Annual Summer Beer Dabbler will save you from light beer hell

Beat your light beer habit.

Beat your light beer habit.

There was a time in many of our lives when craft beer was just a hoppy, under-appreciated party favor. A time when anything above Bud Light was considered a “heavy beer.”

Those benighted days are gone. We now know quality trumps quantity. A good sixer of flavorful IPA handily conquers a case of pale, flavorless light beer.

Yet somehow a group of students managed to miss the beer bus and were left behind, frantically running down their driveways and streets waving their arms in panicked disbelief. These sorry stragglers ended up stranded in the land of Miller, Budweiser, and, heavenly father help us, Keystone. Some of them didn't even bother to chase the bus — they just shrugged and wrote off the sudsy stuff for good. You read correctly. Some people just Don’t. Like. Beer.

But wait! The bus is looping back around. The Summer Beer Dabbler is bringing unbiased, nonjudgemental, ever-welcoming transport to the land of craft brew.

On August 15, from 5-9 p.m., the 7th Annual Summer Beer Dabbler will take over CHS Field (360 N Broadway St., St Paul) in Lowertown, St. Paul—the new home of the St. Paul Saints. Here, over 80 craft breweries will be providing beer samples to attendees, and with this many choices, even the least beer savvy among us will find a favorite.

If you’re a newbie to craft beer, ease in slowly. Relax to the sounds of local music from Heiruspecs, Actual Wolf, BBGUN, and Eleganza. Add a little variety to the day with Silent Disco (if you don’t know what this is, seriously, look it up) and Human Foosball. Then start snagging a few samples. And to counter the appetite you’re sure to work up, feast on some baseball-field style treats at the St. Paul Saint’s concession stands.

7th Annual Summer Beer Dabbler

7th Annual Summer Beer Dabbler

When all is said and done and your love for craft beer has found its designated place in your heart, where it shall remain forever, end the evening by watching the St. Paul sky light up with the Post-Dabbler fireworks show.

Already an experienced craft beer lover? Active in the art of brewing in your home? Enter your home-brewed beer in a contest at the Dabbler. Entry is free (with purchase of event ticket) with numerous prizes donated from local sponsors up for grabs. See link below for details. But act fast. The contest is limited to 70 entries, which must be entered online by midnight, August 14th.

Tickets to the Beer Dabbler can be purchased at the Dabbler’s website for $40 in advance or for $50 day of. Not a drinker? Be a pal and get your friends home safely with a discounted $10 Designated Driver ticket.

Congratulations on graduating from the land of cheap, light beer. 

Get your tickets here.

Find details for the home-brewing contest here.