The 5 best egg sandwiches right now

Put an egg on the Saint Dinette bologna sandwich because you can.

Put an egg on the Saint Dinette bologna sandwich because you can.

A good egg sandwich is the kind of thing that can power a morning as surely as caffeine. Protein for fuel, fat for flavor, two slices of bread for portability.

Some of these are little more than that and others have gone gastronome, but every one is as good as an egg can get. 

5. The "brunch all day" menu at Upton 43 means lots of "smorrebrod," where toasted-to-just-the-edge-of-burned (a very flavorful thing) dark rye gets smothered with some of the prettiest ingredients brunch has seen in a long time. 

The house bacon is some of the most decadent we’ve had, in a world filled with decadent bacons, this one is almost guilt-inducing. Add yet more richness from onion confit, the unusual bite of nettles and pickled mustard, and the crowning glory of a fried egg, and this brunch-all-day thing starts to seem genius.

Upton 43
4312 Upton Ave. S., Minneapolis

4. Put an egg on it at Saint Dinette. The odes to Saint Dinette’s signature bologna sandwich are many, and each one is warranted. Fried bologna and rivers of melting American between squishy bun only gets more remarkable (and justifiable for brek) when a fried egg rides astride it all.

Saint Dinette
261 E. Fifth St., St. Paul

3. We don’t know why they do this sandwich only on weekends. Maybe it’s because if they did it every day of the week, Lowry Hill Meats would become egg sandwich masters instead of meat masters and they gotta keep their eyes on the prize.

This is the succinct egg sandwich you’ve always been after, without any more flourish than high-quality bacon, American that melts to the paper to inspire paper-licking, and an egg runny enough to warrant the sandwich hunch.

Lowry Hill Meats
1934 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis

2. It’s really a struggle to choose your egg sandwich pleasure at the Band Box, because they’re available, naughtily, between two little pancakes (the Lil’ Buddy) or two pieces of French Toast (Ze French Lil’ Buddy).

But purists are rewarded too at this real-deal diner, where your choice of bacon, sausage, and ham can also go on the good Lord’s egg sandwich vehicle, the English muffin.

The final ingredient is decades' worth of flattop seasoning that makes the whole thing way better than the sum of its parts.

Band Box Diner
729 S. 10th St., Minneapolis

1. Putting the grease in greasy spoon, Mickey’s Diner’s One Eye’d Jack squishes up everything you came for: grilled ham, Jack cheese, buttered toast, and a diner-style over-easy toad-in-the-hole.

Hashbrowns griddled with enough industrial oil to stop every heart in the zip code are an inherent part of the dish. 

Pro tip: If you want to tip your waitress (and you do, because hell hath no fury like untipped waitresses at Mickey's), bring cash. You can pay the tab with plastic, but not the tip. 

Mickey's Dining Car 
36 W. Seventh St., St. Paul