TGI Fridays to debut food truck in the Twin Cities

TGI Fridays to debut food truck in the Twin Cities

TGI Fridays, everyone's favorite strip mall stop, is launching a food truck featuring eight items from its "handcrafted" menu. Even if you aren't a fan of franchise fare, you might appreciate this part: Everything on the menu is free.

The TGI Fridays food truck is about to set off on its Summer of Fridays Road Tour. The first stop? Minnesota.

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The food truck will serve complimentary samples of all-American burger sliders, potato skins, ahi tuna crisps, and something called Oreo Madness. There are options for thirsty folks, too, like a Red Bull strawberry lemonade, Fridays' Best Margarita, peach sangria, strawberry passion fruit tea, and Barbados rum punch. Drink options will vary by day and location.

With menu items like Oreo Madness and Red Bull strawberry lemonade, it's not entirely clear what TGI Fridays means by "handcrafted." Shannon Kelly, a public relations representative for the company, assures us that all of the items served on the food truck will be fresh, but not necessarily made on board.

"Because of the space constraints of the food truck, some items are pre-prepared (fresh) at local Fridays restaurants and some are assembled (by hand) on the truck itself," she told Hot Dish in an email. "Since there is limited space on the truck, the food truck will be partnering with local restaurants to prep the slider patties which are then grilled on the truck. And the TGI Fridays beef is fresh, never frozen."

Kelly acknowledged that the company also uses the term "handcrafted" as a marketing tactic to emphasize its focus on fresh food.

To further promote this "handcrafted" brand TGI Fridays is featuring different handcraftsmen in every city on tour. In Minneapolis, they've highlighted Chad and Brandy Dressen of Carver Junk Co., a shop that recycles, repurposes, and resells various antiques.

The truck will be in town from May 22 until May 25. At Thursday's St. Paul Saints game, fans can grab a free bite from the truck anytime between 7 and 10 p.m. The truck will also stop at Soundset on Sunday from 11 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.

TGI Friday's has recruited a team of babely bloggers and photographers to document the Summer of Fridays Road Tour on Tumblr and Instagram.

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