Temper Tantra at Hola Arepa: Get your way with this drink of the week

Temper Tantra
Hola Arepa

Food trucks are fleeting, spontaneous, fun; we can't deny the thrill of the chase, like running after the ice cream man in your swim trunks with a couple of quarters in your grubby paws. But once you're licking the last of your Choco Taco off your fingers, life feels just a little emptier. Now you can make the feeling last and last at Hola Arepa's new home in Kingfield, where veteran barkeep Dan Oskey preserves that childlike excitement with delightful jarred and bottled cocktails like the playfully seductive Temper Tantra.

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Remember biking en masse in a gang full of preteen ankle biters to the local corner store for a glass bottle of pop, a nickel apiece? Neither do we, but the adult version of rolling up to the window and watching the bright teal-blue cap get popped off your forthcoming Temper Tantra, Oskey's take on a spicier Dark & Stormy, has to be equally satisfying. Plus, you know, booze.

Just listen to Oskey's description: "We use our 'Furia' hot pepper bitters with Gosling's dark rum, Flor de Cana gold rum, strained citrus juice, and our house ginger beer syrup, plus a little Punt e Mes for added depth. Then we force carbonate and bottle."

Poured over ice with some fresh lime, this drink packs burnt-sugar sweet to start, adds a hefty zip of ginger, and sends in a slow, tingling heat that blooms and fades sip by sip. It's the most sophisticated, complicated combination of flavors to emerge from a soda bottle since vintage Moxie was punching taste buds back in the day. Even if that is a wildly unsubstantiated claim, there's no denying how well this juicy-spicy rum drink complements the food, quick and casual, with bold flavor and fresh style. Welcome to the block, new kids.

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