TCO Gift Certificates: It's Time!


Keep an eye out for this Jeeves-like guy. He's the logo for TCO restaurants.

Click now -- no, like, RIGHT now.

The Twin Cities Originals online gift certificate sale is today at 10:00 am. That means, starting at 10, you can purchase gift certificates to independently-owned area restaurants at a 30% discount. A 30% discount! That's huge, especially for the caliber restaurant we're talking about. $50 gift certificates sell for $35 and $25 gift certificates cost you only $17.50. Are your fingers poised and ready? Because, you better act fast. By 10:30, popular places like Broders' Pasta Bar are sold out.

TCO certificates are available for Twin Cities restaurants as well as a few outside the area -- places like the Caribbean San Pedro Cafe, the Lake Elmo Inn, or Afton House Inn.

So, now it's time for you to dig deep. Do you want that slow-cooked lamb shoulder at Saffron? What about that Silver Butter Knife Steak at Murray's, hmmm? You just focus on those tapas at Solera, okay? Maybe you've begun hibernating, but there will be a time when you want to show your face on the rooftop dining area at Stella's Fish Cafe or grab a burger with your beer at the Herkimer. For all the good times soon to come: ready, aim, click.