Taste Test: Diet Mountain Dew UltraViolet


Mountain Dew's new Diet UltraViolet drink came out on shelves about a month ago. (Anyone tried it yet? Didn't think so.) The bright lavender-hued beverage is like the alien offspring of Windex and ectoplasm. It's kind of embarrassing to even buy, let alone drink in the privacy of your own home. Besides, isn't the only point of drinking Mountain Dew in the first place for its crazy caffeine content?

And the taste? Officially flavored "mixed berry," UltraViolet tastes vaguely grape-y (admittedly, that could be just because of the color) but also distinctly diet, with basically an overall flavor of artificial sweetener, which kind of creates a tingly, chemical slick over the entire inside of your mouth. How about that for a ringing endorsement.

On a recent road trip, some friends and I speculated on the market for UltraViolet. Women, definitely, we decided -- regular Mountain Dew (and even Diet Mountain Dew) being the pretty specific domain of men. Dudes, you definitely don't want to be seen with one of these. And ladies, frankly, not so sure you do either.

What do you think, readers?