Taste Some of the Top Ramen in the Country This Weekend at Zen Box

Kamo (Duck) Shoyu Ramen

Kamo (Duck) Shoyu Ramen

We already know that the Zen Box chefs have been working on their ramen technique like a would-be Ph.D. on her dissertation.

John Ng and Lina Goh are all but obsessed with all things ramen, and travel the world in pursuit of perfecting recipes, techniques, and learning histories and ramen culture. They recently returned from the XL Ramen Fest in Nashville, where seven of country's best ramen masters came together to showcase their noodles and stocks. They were tasked with creating a specialty recipe for the event. This weekend, you can taste Zen Box's specialty creation. It may well be one of the best ramens in the country, right now.

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Chef Ng took inspiration from his own Chinese heritage for this duck ramen recipe — he says some people believe ramen actually originated in China, rather than Japan.

The Kamo (Duck) Shoyu Ramen includes Kyoto-style duck chashu (braised and barbecued), Triple Broth with chicken, pork, and dash (kelp and bonito — very high in umami), mizuna, ajimago (marinated soft-boiled egg), Menma (bamboo shoot), crispy gobo (burdock), shoyu tare (soy), and duck oil.

It is indeed a mouthful and probably better to be eaten rather than written, read, or spoken.

Ng showcased this ramen alongside chefs from Mokbar and Bossanova in New York City and Daikaya in Washington, D.C., some known and beloved names in the business, so you know it's gotta be good.

Get it until it's gone, this weekend at Zen Box. It never hurts to call ahead.

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