Taste of Summer: Red Cherry Fro-Yo

It was only a matter of time before the low-cal frozen yogurt that stormed the coasts made its way to Minnesota. What's surprising is that it's brought to us by Leeann Chin, a quick-serve restaurant chain best known for its cream cheese wontons and lemon chicken.

I've tried both the uberpopular Pinkberry and Red Mango frozen yogurts and thought they were both fine, but not worth the hype, so I was curious to see how Red Cherry would compare. Leeann Chin's COO told the Downtown Journal that frozen yogurt sales have accounted for a whopping 10 percent of sales at a new restaurant in the City Center skyway, so it seems to be selling well. But judging from the lack of lines forming outside the Hennepin Avenue Leeann Chin in the weeks since Red Cherry was introduced, it doesn't seem to be causing a frenzy.

The yogurt comes in plain, raspberry, and swirl and may be topped with all sorts of fruits, candies, and cereals. The plain yogurt tastes a little like cheesecake--hints of sour cream and lemon but not too sweet--and the raspberry, well, like raspberry yogurt. I found it interesting that the yogurt, toppings, and even the name were nearly identical to its bi-coastal competitors, but perhaps that was the point. When I asked one of the employees how Red Cherry compared to Pinkberry and Red Mango, he said, "I think we pretty much copied their recipes."

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