Target removes farmed salmon from shelves


No more farmed salmon, Target shoppers. The retail giant's getting on board with what anyone who's been toting around one of those dorky but useful wallet-sized "Seafood Selectors" has known for at least a decade now and is replacing the PCB-laden fish with the healthier, wild variety. Better late than never. It is the first U.S. major retailer to do so according to the Financial Times.

The paper says that the likely increase in pressure on wild salmon populations will be tempered by the development of sustainable fisheries as well as by increasing prices that will drive down consumer demand.

Farmed and Atlantic salmon are cited as "eco-worst" by the Environmental Defense Fund's "Seafood Selector" as a result of the polluted, contained environment they are raised in. Wild-caught Alaskan salmon are "eco-best" because they come from a less-polluted environment. Wild salmon from Washington is considered "eco-ok."