Target Opens Its First Minnesota Liquor Store in Otsego


Sometimes the toddler-sized, bedazzled, animal print bikinis in Target's kids' section make you want to cry and drink a bottle of whiskey, right? Right. Well, good news for Otsego residents who find themselves in this very situation: The first wine and spirits shop in a Minnesota Target store is now open for business.

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The store opened last week in the existing SuperTarget north of the Twin Cities and carries an array of beer, wine, and liquor in its 1,600-square foot space, including Target's popular Wine Cube line, boxed wines that come in three sizes and twelve varietals.

While Target has wine and spirit shops in the majority of its nearly 1,800 locations, this is the first time the company has added one to a Minnesota store, according to the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal. The Minnesota-based company has not revealed whether it will add liquor stores to any other locations in the state, which has led some Minnesotans to wonder why our very own Fortune 500 company would play games with our hearts.

While we wait to see the boozy fate of our Targets, the Otsego wine and spirits shop is open for business, Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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