Target macaron taste test

Target throws down a sweet gauntlet.

Target throws down a sweet gauntlet.

Just when we'd finished marveling over Sweets Bakeshop's unconventional macaron menu and the convenience of Cocoa & Fig's Minneapolis Skyway macaron shop, hometown retailer Target enters the macaron ring. 

Unfortunately for these small-town bakeries, Target isn't pulling any punches with its recently launched line of wallet-friendly, authentically French sandwich cookies. Because we're all sugar addicts to varying degrees, we happily sampled each of the company's six flavor options.


Shoppers craving a quick macaron fix can find these macarons packaged under the Archer Farms brand in nearly every SuperTarget bakery in the country.

While the flavor options are more traditional than what we've seen around the Cities, each cookie encompasses the perfect balance of flaky chewiness that an amateur pastry chef just can't fake. The fillings offer a subtle flavor that intensifies with each bite, without being sugary sweet. 

One taste tester commented, "These are surprisingly better tasting than most of the local bakeries' versions I've had."

And even more delicious than the flavor is the price. With a six pack priced at $3.99 and a 12 pack (two macarons of each flavor) priced at $8.99, these little luxuries are a bargain compared to Sweets' and Cocoa & Fig's $18 per dozen price point. 

Next time you're perusing the SuperTarget bakery looking for some mini cupcakes or muffins, grab a pack (or two) of macarons instead. You'll thank us. Profusely.