Target Center eats are officially ballin’

The beloved Parlour burger is coming to Target Center, along with lots of other local fare [Photo: City Pages file]

The beloved Parlour burger is coming to Target Center, along with lots of other local fare [Photo: City Pages file]

Tuna togarashi, kimchi hot dogs, sushi burritos... nachos with neon-orange “cheese” this ain’t. 

Earlier this week, the Timberwolves unveiled the brand-new food fans will find when their stadium reopens later this month -- and folks, that notoriously bad menu has gotten quite the upgrade.

The T-Wolves have teamed up with local restaurants to bring in some really killer concessions: Parlour burgers (section 113), the walleye sandwich from Lord Fletcher’s (section 136), SotaRol’s Sotaritos (section 126). That’s right: Soon you’ll be able to high-five as Butler drains a three while clutching a fresh sushi burrito in your free hand.

You can get an espresso from City Girl Coffee in Sections 188 and 136, and Mother Dough Bakery’s organic cookies are all over the place: sections 136,106,118,126, and 223. Timberwolves and Lynx executive chef David Fhima is getting his own restaurant space at Target Center -- Fhima’s -- and Life Time fitness center’s LifeCafé has the health-conscious set covered with the aforementioned tuna togarashi.

If you’re more a brats and brews kind of basketball fan, you’ll still be able to take advantage of the reimagined menu. The standards are getting a quality boost thanks to locally sourced Swanson’s meats in the all-beef hot dogs, whiskey peppercorn brats, and other assorted tubular meats. “Krispy Krunchy” chicken tenders will be made with free-range chicken.

“These new concessions menu items are delicious and also made with ingredients that guests can feel good about,” Fhima said in a Tuesday statement. “We will continue to be on a quest to use the finest ingredients at Target Center, working with clean, sustainable, and local products.”

No word in that statement about the prices, though, and we do have to wonder what the stadium markup on an already $14 Parlour burger looks like. Guess we’ll all find out when the T-Wolves face off against the Jazz at their October 20 home opener -- the center's first public event since its two-year, $140 million renovation wrapped up.