Target accused of misrepresenting soy milk as organic


A Wisconsin farm policy research group is claiming the Minneapolis-based Target misidentified some of the Silk Soy Milk it sells as organic in print ads. The Cornucopia, Wis.-based Cornucopia Institute has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture about what it views as the company's "blurring the line between 'natural' products and food that has been grown, processed and properly certified organic under tight federal standards."

"In an industry where educational achievement and passion are the common denominators in describing its clientele, Target could certainly be viewed as arrogant to think they can take advantage of consumers by ignoring both the spirit and letter of the laws governing organic commerce," says Mark Kastel, the group's senior farm policy analyst, on Cornucopia's website.

It's not the first time the retail giant has been accused of trying to pass off one of its products as organic. The Pi Press reports that Target was sued in late 2007 over similar allegations that it was misrepresenting its Archer Farms milk as organic. That suit remains pending.

Target is looking into the allegations the Pi Press reports.