Tanpopo teaches sushi-making


St. Paul gem Tanpopo will be conducting two "Sushi Workshops" in the next couple of months. Restaurant Chef/Owner will be instructing small classes on how to make three different styles of sushi (makizushi, nigiri and mari). Classes are scheduled for Feb. 8 and March 8, both Sundays.

It's not exactly cheap - $80 - but when you consider the fact that a) you're getting hands-on instruction from a professional and b) you're taking home a spread comprising the fruits of your labor, then it actually starts sounding pretty great.

You can sign up online or by calling the restaurant at 651.209.6527. What's a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, anyways.

FYI Tanpopo is also now on Twitter. The restaurant has started posting daily specials: Twitter/tanpopomn