Tank Goodness chocolate chip cookies: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 88

Tank Goodness delivers homemade chocolate chip cookies by the dozen

Tank Goodness delivers homemade chocolate chip cookies by the dozen

Talk about an idea whose time has come. This local Twin Cities company was founded by a couple who decided to quit their day jobs and dedicate their time to baking cookies. Sounds crazy, right? You must not have tried one of their cookies. The concept is simple enough--customers order cookies by the dozen (minimum order is two dozen) to be delivered to the recipient of their choice. Tank Goodness then whips up a batch of their signature oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, packages them up, slaps a label on it with the time the cookies emerged from the oven, and delivers the warm, gooey delights to the lucky recipients.


Most people would probably be thrilled to receive an unexpected box of cookies at work, regardless of how good they are. How much better to open the box (whose wafting aroma is sure to have drawn every co-worker in a 12-cubicle radius) to uncover still-warm, soft, melt-on-your-tongue, buttery discs that taste like childhood in your mom's kitchen. Tank Goodness will even include a half gallon of Pride of Mainstreet Milk for $4.

These cookies would be notable at any bakery, but the fact that they come straight to you in bundles of warmth and heavenly scents earns them a place on our list of 100 favorites. If you want to see what the fuss is about, get your orders in well in advance. Word is spreading about Tank Goodness, and they're (rightfully) operating at max capacity these days.

Tank Goodness Minneapolis 612.824.TANK

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