Tall boys of Indeed's Day Tripper coming soon to First Avenue

Tall boys of Indeed's Day Tripper coming soon to First Avenue

Indeed's Day Tripper is getting a tall can makeover starting September 17. First Avenue will be the first to debut the new 16-ounce can of Day Tripper pale ale from Indeed Brewing in Northeast.

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The brewery picked the tall can release date to coincide with a concert by the Black Lips, who along with openers the King Khan & BBQ Show have a reputation for putting on a wild, unpredictable, and always entertaining show. As company co-founder Rachel Anderson puts it, "being able to enjoy a $5 tall boy of Day Tripper during the performance is going to make the experience even better."

In addition to First Ave, Indeed is working with several venues around town, including sports arenas and theaters, to feature the new tall cans. The tall boys, which are packaged at Indeed's existing canning line on 15th Avenue Northeast, will be sold exclusively at entertainment establishments around the city and not in liquor stores.

There are currently no plans to expand into tall boys with the rest of their lineup, which includes Midnight Ryder American black ale and the fall seasonal Sweet Yamma Jamma ale.

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