Take a peek inside the remodeled Town Hall Brewery


On January 1, Town Hall Brewery closed its doors for what was intended to be a quick remodel. To prepare for the temporary shutdown, Town Hall had brewed enough beer in advance to supply its other two locations, Town Hall Tap and Town Hall Lanes, throughout the construction.

But since the project took a little longer than expected, those Town Hall satellite locations have been serving guest beers for some time. That will soon change, however, as the brewery is up and running again, and the remodeled site at Seven Corners will reopen its doors at 6 p.m. on April 11.

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The remodel was expansive: Town Hall replaced the floors and ceilings in the 1906 building and made changes to the brewery itself, the bar and dining areas, and coolers in the basement. The net change in capacity is the loss of four seats, but the renovation also brings a clearer separation between the bar area and the dining area, as well as a reconfigured private party space in back and completely refinished bathrooms. The remodel also improved the working space in the brewery where the beer for all three Town Hall locations is crafted.

The kitchen is sealed off in the center of the bar and dining area; a fireplace brings a cozy ambiance to the dining area in back, while new booths have been added into the bar's seating area near the front doors. The expanded brewery is along the back wall, with large windows exposing the area where the tanks are held. It previously ran along 75% of the wall and now runs all the way across.

Along with the impressive new setup comes new beer. Town Hall will have a total of 34 taps and aims to carry 14 to 17 house beers, 10 guest beers, and 10 ciders. There will also be three nitro taps and one root beer at all times and the bar hopes to highlight one-off beers from many of its guest brewers.

Looking down the remodeled bar

Looking down the remodeled bar

Among some of the decorative touches are a repurposed iron clock tower and extensive stained glass, all of which was created by local artisans. There are also murals on three walls depicting the brewery's historical beers and the brewing process, and another mural in honor of owner Pete Rifakes' late mother.

Town Hall was established in 1997 and has opened two additional locations in recent years but all of its beers are brewed at the original location. "Everything starts here," Rifakes explained during a tour of the new facility. "The success at the other locations afforded the remodel."

As the franchise has grown, the demand for Town Hall beer has increased and more tanks have been added in the brewery to meet that need. While no plans have been announced for a fourth location, the brewery would be able to meet the increased demand if owners chose to open an additional site.

Town Hall brews approximately 50 different styles of beer each year on its 10-barrel system, offering multiple seasonal and one-off brews throughout the year. The brewery has won 13 awards at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver since its inception.

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