Take a peek inside Queenie von Curves's fridge


Queenie von Curves is a local burlesque performer with Le Cirque Rouge Cabaret and Burlesque and the co-producer of Diversi-Tease, a three-day burlesque show in the middle of winter. She's a dance instructor, a producer of Naked Girls Reading in Minneapolis, and a regular contributor to MN-Ups Pin Up Girl Magazine. She also happens to have the most outrageous hair on this side of the Mississippi.

We met up with Queenie at the northeast Minneapolis home she shares with her husband Rex to explore their all-vegan fridge, chat about her favorite restaurants, and view her homemade boob art.

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Hot Dish: What are your top three favorite restaurants?

Queenie von Curves: For breakfast, I would go to Modern Times Cafe. For lunch, I would probably go to Seward Cafe, and for dinner I would go to Triple Rock Social Club.

What would you get at the Triple Rock?

The vegan po' boy is to die for.

Is there a vegan pizza you like?

Yeah, Galactic Pizza actually has a ton of vegan options. They have a lot of interesting alternatives that they use. Actually, my husband Rex makes a really good pizza.

What's your favorite place to go after a performance?

Do you want the truth? Taco-fucking-bell! I would joke that I haven't had a Taco Bell without red glitter all over it in forever.

Do you have a favorite place to get dessert?

Glam Doll Donuts just introduced vegan donuts and they are to die for. Also, Birchwood has vegan and gluten free donuts and you would never know. The Franklin Freeze in the Seward neighborhood has like 20 options of vegan soft serve ice cream. They do have strange hours, but it's amazing that something like that exists.

Favorite international cuisine?

We eat Asian a lot. Stuff that's super spicy. I love it.

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