Take a peek inside Christopher Straub's fridge [VIDEO]

Christopher Straub with his two-headed duck in a jar.

Christopher Straub with his two-headed duck in a jar.

You may recognize Christopher Straub from season six of Project Runway, the competitive fashion design show hosted by German bombshell Heidi Klum. Though he was eventually voted off the show, he's remained a fixture in Minnesota's fashion world. In December, he unveiled two dresses made entirely from wrapping paper for Papyrus at the Mall of America. Straub continues to sell clothing and accessories on his personal website.

Hot Dish met with Straub at his Shakopee home to invade his refrigerator, chat about the Mystic Lake buffet, and discover a magical toilet-shaped candy.

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What's your favorite fast food?

Definitely Taco Bell. Whenever they have a new menu item, I am always there right away. I love fast food, but my super guilty pleasure is fast food breakfast.

What's your favorite fast food breakfast?

I like Taco John's. They have their little hash brown potato thing and then they put eggs, cheese, and bacon on top. It's good. And it's like two dollars!

What's your favorite place to eat in Shakopee?

I'm not a foodie. My favorite place to go is the Mystic Lake Casino buffet. There's like 200 menu items and when I go, I like to get one of every single thing on the menu so I don't have to commit to one item. I can just have a bite and if you don't like it, who cares? It was just that one bite.

It's not uncommon for me and my friends to go there when we need to catch up and we'll be at the buffet for two and a half hours. We won't be eating solid for two and a half hours, but we'll definitely be there, demanding more. What's your favorite buffet item?

Beef stroganoff. You can choose your own ratio of beef to sauce.

Favorite place in Minneapolis?

When I go to Minneapolis, I like to treat myself with Chiang Mai Thai. I love Thai and Indian foods, and I eat them so rarely that they really are a treat to me.

What's your favorite international cuisine?

Indian. When I was in India, I obviously ate it everyday. On the next stop of our 32-day trip around the world, right after India, our next stop was Singapore and when we were in Singapore, I made an effort to find an Indian place and have more Indian food.

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