Take a peek inside Allan Kingdom's fridge [VIDEO]


At 20 years old, Allan Kingdom is poised to be one of the Twin Cities' finest MCs. The Winnepeg, Canada transplant was chosen as one of First Ave's Best New Bands of 2013, is managed by Plain Pat, and has released more music in the past three years than most artists release in a decade.

We met up with Kingdom just outside of St. Paul at the home he shares with his mother, who recently left for Tanzania. The young MC immediately won our hearts. He's talented, intimidatingly stylish, and an all-around nice kid. In the video after the jump, Kingdom talks about baking, gives off-brands some love, and introduces us to Pilau Masala, a spice blend used in some of his favorite Tanzanian dishes.

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What's your favorite restaurant? That's a hard question. Can I tell you where I would go right now? It would probably be Dilla's.

What's your favorite diner? Mickey's Diner in St. Paul.

Favorite fast food? Probably McDonald's. I don't know, I have phases, but I always go back to it. It's addicting.

Favorite item there? Fries and a milkshake.

Favorite pizza? Punch Pizza. I like thin pizzas that aren't overloaded with stuff.

Where do you like to go after a show? I like to go somewhere really simple, like a diner. Uptown Diner or Mickey's Diner, probably. Now everybody knows... [laughs]

Check out Allan Kingdom's music here.

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