Tacos El Ranchito dishes it curbside

It is with glee that I greet my neighborhood taco truck. I have been known to squeal with delight and screech the car to a halt--even after eating a large meal--to pick up amazing Mexican food to eat later.

Their specialties are tacos and big-a** burritos-- choose from smokey grilled chicken, savory pork and pineapple, juicy steak, and for the adventurous eater, tripe, brain and tongue are on the menu. All dishes are accompanied by fiery fresh salsa. On a cold day try the hot, aromatic consomme.

Wait in your car, with heat and stereo cranked, while your delicious and authentic Mexican food is being prepared. You will get a gentle tap on the window when it's ready. No, this is not a fancy evening, but it is a colorful eating adventure and very friendly on the wallet--most dishes are under $5.

Tacos El Ranchito
For hours and location call 651-278-8798