Tacos Blass: Another one bites the dust


Poor poor 38th and Nicollet. The South Minneapolis intersection, already suffering from the loss of Chelly's Cafe (not to mention the weird, semi-scary vacant building on the southwest corner) has now become even more depressed with the departure of Tacos Blass.

As reported in the Southwest Journal, the restaurant -- across from the wing joint Shorty & Wags -- has closed its doors. According to a member of the family that owns the building (now half vacant save a teeny grocery mart and the equally teeny Hong's Kitchen), the tenants left abruptly, without advance notice, even taking some of the owner's possessions with them.

Not that Tacos Blass was this bright and shining star in the first place -- I never even went there (though according to the landlord's son, the restaurant did quite well in its day, back in the mid 1990s) -- but it's still sad to see yet one more business go. With its proximity to hip, hot spots like Anodyne and Corner Table, for example, you'd think the location would do better.

Incidentally, the family that owns the building also operates Rasa Sayang, a Chinese and Malaysian restaurant in Golden Valley. And if you're dying for your Tacos Blass, there's another location at 37th and Chicago.