Taco Cat launches taco delivery service: "Call number. Get tacos." [MAP]

Taco Cat, an enigmatic taco-delivery service, made waves on the internet Wednesday afternoon when it unveiled new menu items and expanded delivery days for its soft opening.

The announcement sparked so much interest that the folks behind Taco Cat felt compelled to write a follow-up status, partially revoking their initial request to "tell all your friends."

"When we said tell your friends, we didn't mean the whole goddamn city," the Taco Cat founders wrote on their Facebook page Wednesday evening.

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Tristan Jimerson and Daniel Laeger-Hagemeister attempted to trademark the palindromic Taco Cat moniker in 2012. Hot Dish reached out for comment, but the boys asked to wait until next week, stating, "We're a little overwhelmed with the amount of press we're getting currently. This week was supposed to be our soft open. The internet has decided otherwise."

The hype is understandable. Taco Cat landed on a winning trifecta of cats, bikes, and tacos, and added highly prized late-night delivery to the mix.

Taco Cat, which starts taking orders tomorrow, delivers between Franklin Avenue and 40th Street, Hennepin Avenue and Cedar Avenue from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. (see map below). Taco Cat's bike delivery team will take Sunday and Monday off, and resume delivery service Tuesday through Saturday.


Customers can choose from original steak, mojo pork, chipotle chicken, grilled veggies, and banh mi tacos. Each order costs $8 and comes with three corn tortilla tacos. But don't be picky. Taco Cat specifies that they're not up for dealing with half orders or substitutions. Fortunately, the toppings -- ranging from fajita-style veggies to Taco Cat's special crema sauce -- don't sound too out of the ordinary for taco fans.

According to the website, Taco Cat accepts cash, credit, or barter. We can only imagine the responses the latter option will generate...

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