Taco Cat forever: Bike delivery service gets permanent space

I can has taco?

I can has taco?

When we hear bikes + tacos + cats + not having to get off the couch, we lose all sense of logic. We come undone. We liked Taco Cat before we even knew what the hell it was, we liked them when we realized they'd hop on their little bikes and bring us hot tacos no matter where we happen to be, and we like them now that they will be posted up in a full service space in the Midtown Global Market. 

They've been using the shared kitchen space there for their taco delivery service, and now they'll take over the market's recently vacated El Burrito Mercado space, reports The Mpls./ St. Paul Business Journal. 

They'll continue bike delivery, but incentives to visit them on-site include menu exclusives. No sneak peeks, yet. 

Opening by the end of November

Taco Cat 

Midtown Global Market 

920 E. Lake St., Mpls.