Tabasco goes all anthropomorphic on us

It's weird but also kind of great when advertisers see fit to give their edible products faces, isn't it? One of the best examples is the company Ginger People, who not only have animated ginger "people" on their product labels, but take it one step further and have their ginger people eating ... pieces of ginger! (M&Ms, Mr. Peanut, and Kool-Aid Man are good too.) Tabasco's getting in on some anthropomorphism of its own, with a fairly annoying TV spot that's on all. the. time. featuring pepperonis on a piece of pizza converting into a barbershop quartet (!) when some Tabasco sauce gets sprinkled on top. (Doesn't the top one sort of look like Chevy Chase?) What are some other good examples of anthopomorphic food ads? Also, informal poll: does anyone actually prefer Tabasco on pizza over red pepper flakes?

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