Sweets Bakeshop and Black Sheep Pizza: Twin Cities favorites cross the river

Keeping the St. Paul coal fires burning

Keeping the St. Paul coal fires burning

It seems like restaurants are doing a lot of Twin City swaps these days. Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza and Sweets Bakeshop have both recently opened new locations, each crossing the river into new territory. After a successful run in Minneapolis's Warehouse District, Black Sheep has set up shop on a lively corner at the edge of downtown St. Paul. Meanwhile, St. Paul confectionery Sweets Bakeshop has opened an outpost in south Minneapolis's Kingfield neighborhood. We decided to scope out what the new locations had in common with their originators.


The new Black Sheep space is on a bright city corner near a couple of other eateries off Robert Street. Stepping down into the sunlit room, we were welcomed several times by eager servers.  Spring light shone off the blond wood and chrome accents. It's so bright, open, and friendly that the room is projects a little St. Small-friendly vibe. 

Thankfully, the pizzas are quite similar to the Minneapolis shop. The artisan meats, bright acidic tomato sauce, charred, chewy crust, and cheese with just the right amount of goo-factor made the trip quite nicely. 

Best of all, Black Sheep will soon deliver to all downtown St. Paul offices. A welcome reprieve for the average skyway fare for office workers.

Sweets Bakeshop, known for its inventive, delicious cupcakes and arguably the best macarons in the city, has taken over the former Madwoman bakery space, situated between barbecue and Vietnamese restaurants. What they've lost in front window display real estate they've made up for in comfortable seating options.

The cupcake and macaron flavors are the same as the St. Paul location. The only difference seemed to be a lack of sad macs--their dented, marred, and discounted cookies. The interior is adorned in the same modern, elegant aesthetic as the original store, with white tulle curtains, silver painted accents, and large, square, dark wood tables.

On April 9, Sweets will be hosting an official grand opening for the Minneapolis store from 11a.m. to 6 p.m.. 

Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza
512 North Robert Street, St. Paul Black Sheep website

Sweets Bakeshop
4747 Nicollet Ave S., Minneapolis Sweets Bakeshop website

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