Sweet Spot: Salty Tart's take-and-bake cookies

Michelle Gayer, formerly the pastry chef at the Franklin Street Bakery, and, before that, Charlie Trotter's in Chicago, recently opened her own shop, The Salty Tart, in the Midtown Global Market.

Among the olive-and-tomato-topped focaccia bread, rhubarb bars, and brownies, I discovered a 4-pack of take-and-bake dark chocolate chip cookies for $6...

I kept the cookies in the fridge, and, over the course of the next few days, baked them individually in the toaster oven (far preferable to turning on the 36' vintage Caloric when it's 85 degrees outside).

Cookies are always best fresh-from-the-oven, and these illustrate why that's the case: they're are crisp on the outside, gooey in the middle, and loaded with molten, bitter chocolate. I can’t say how they hold up after they’ve cooled, as I could never wait to find out.

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