Sweet Science Ice Cream Expands Operations, Coming to a Restaurant or Co-op Near You

Ashlee Olds, creator of Sweet Science Ice Cream

Ashlee Olds, creator of Sweet Science Ice Cream

Devoted fans of Sweet Science's line of small-batch, flavor-forward ice creams will no longer have to schlepp over to Verdant Tea for a pint. Sweet Science is launching a wholesale program and bringing some of the city's best frozen desserts to a restaurant or co-op near you.

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Owner Ashlee Olds says the expansion is a result of three years of working with the Department of Agriculture to earn a dairy plant license.

After a fruitful partnership with Verdant Tea Tasting Room in Seward, Sweet Science has moved to a production facility in St. Paul, where they've ramped up operations to stock a number of local restaurants and stores. Eventually, Olds wants to open a scoop shop, also in St. Paul.

"I'm excited to be back producing in St. Paul and looking forward to partnering with restaurants who share our values," says Olds. "I'm a St. Paul girl."

So far, Olds has lined up partnerships with Local D'Lish, Five Watt Coffee, Birchwood Cafe, and Cook St. Paul, and she's actively pursuing other outlets for her rotating line of seasonal and scratch-made ice creams.

Sweet Science is hosting an open house-style party to mark the launch of its wholesale program this Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Local D'Lish. Sip wine, enjoy samples from Sweet Science and local baker Thumbs Cookies, and check out a new collaboration between the two.

If you've never sampled Sweet Science before and you can't make the party, get yourself over to one of their free monthly tastings, where Olds releases her new seasonal varieties and you, dear reader, get to gorge on some of the silkiest, most sensational ice creams you've ever scooped.

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