"Swedish with a side of hillbilly": Upton 43 in Linden Hills is open


Erick Harcey says to expect Swedish with a side of Hillbilly at Upton 43, opening next week.

Erick Harcey of Victory 44 has been working on his second restaurant in Linden Hills for the better part of a year. The concept has morphed a bit since early conception— his grandfather passed in the planning stages and before he did, Harcey took some advice from him very much to heart— "Just do what makes you happy." So instead of making strictly what he thinks the neighborhood needs, he's doing strictly what makes him happy, and chances are, he'll be able to kill the proverbial two birds. 

Much of the menu will take inspiration from the chef's Swedish born grandparents, who were also avid cooks. The restaurant's Facebook page shows off a photo of his grandmother's recipes and cookbooks, which he'll be using in some part to develop his own recipes. He told us to think "Swedish with a side of hillbilly." 

What's that? Think traditional Swedish like pea soup, pickled herring, abelskivers and even lutefisk, but also a grab-and-go counter with roasted chicken and all the sides.  

Upton 43

Now open

4312 Upton Ave. S., Mpls. 


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