Svedka Vodka declares July 27 National Walk of Shame Day

Svedka Vodka's contest

Svedka Vodka's contest

Swedish vodka brand Svedka declared July 27 National Walk of Shame Day, asking drinkers everywhere to take pride in their booze-fueled decisions. In conjunction with the freshly proclaimed celebration, the company paired up with a beauty store chain to create the After, After Party Pack, which will contain products chosen specifically to help one in the midst of the proverbial morning-after stroll.

Sounds like your dream holiday, doesn't it?


The After, After Party Pack contains items vital for those trying to maintain after a long night of swiggin' the Svedka. It includes flip flops, lip balm, a pop-up hair brush, deodorant, spray-on shampoo, cleansing wipes and a leave-behind fake diamond earring so you've got an excuse to call the next day, among other things. Available at Ricky's NYC shops in the Big Apple or online, they are, according to the Svedka press release, the company's way of celebrating, "the next generation of vodka lovers who proudly and responsibly take the party from night to morning."

Svedka is also asking those lovers to, "Spill their Shame," on a special Facebook Page, where they will be able to share and vote for their favorite tales of liquored-up, questionable behavior. The yarn with the most votes will then be made into a short film with a cameo by comedienne/actress Jennifer Coolidge (Best in Show, American Pie).

Although some may prefer Halloween or Christmas, National Walk of Shame Day will most certainly have it's devotees. Thank heaven for Svedka Vodka and its shameless marketing team, with its plea to, "Forget the Blame & Embrace Your Game."