Sushi in a tube: weird foods

Since we are going to have sushi in Lowertown, why can't we also have sushi in a tube? Guess what, you can have it all.

A new product called Sushi Popper does away with the pesky plates and chopsticks that make sushi eating such a chore. Now you can eat your sushi out of a tube on a stick--the stick having three purposes: it's a handle, a pusher-upper, and it is full of soy sauce. The rest of the concept is easy--you push sushi directly into your mouth like an orange push-up popsicle.

The poppers are sold in six-packs, priced at $29.99, equaling $4.99 a roll. They come in several flavors like Spicy Shrimp, California, and Chicken Teriyaki. The poppers are sent by mail frozen on dry ice, and are said to thaw in one to two hours.

The website mentions the many places that Sushi Popper will make sushi eating a breeze, including: movie theaters, drive-thrus, concerts, and space stations. Per the Sushi Popper media sheet: "We are passionate about portable sushi and spreading the word about eating it in places where it was never possible before (insert dirty thoughts here).

Witness Sushi Popping in action in this video shot at the New York Anime Festival

All photos from the Sushi Popper website

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