Sushi Fix in Wayzata opens today: Here's a preview

Shrimp and tuna at the new Sushi Fix
Shrimp and tuna at the new Sushi Fix

When the Sushi Fix first rolled into downtown, there were a few skeptical eye rolls. Raw fish? From a truck? In August? But what those sweet, unsuspecting souls didn't know is that they were one bite away from a new addiction. Soon lines twirled around the open Sushi Fix truck window like so many tendrils of its octopus salad.

This weekend the enigmatic owner of the truck, Billy Tserenbat, moved indoors and opened the new Sushi Fix brick-and-mortar restaurant in Wayzata. We stopped by for a first bite.

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Tucked into a little strip mall on Lake Street, the new restaurant is modest in size, warm, and inviting. The doors open to a brightly colored wall featuring the Sushi Fix logo surrounded by glowing reviews from local fans of the truck. Inside are comfortable seats and a long counter where diners can watch the sushi chefs work their magic.

Inside the new Sushi Fix restaurant
Inside the new Sushi Fix restaurant
Tracy Morgan

Next to scrolls listing menu items is a picture of the last samurai. The restaurant is filled with little personal touches that Tserenbat happily points out. He had hoped to install a traditional Japanese toilet, which unfortunately didn't fit. (Still, a trip to the restrooms is worth a gander for the art.)

The sushi remains divine. Fresh fish flesh is tenderly placed atop the perfectly seasoned rice. Judicious amounts of sauce enhance the subtle flavors. Additionally, there were a few flavor bombs found in some wonderfully spicy rolls. The first few bites brought back those summer days when the sun shone all the time and the warm rush of air blew between the skyscrapers in downtown Minneapolis. They were every bit as good as I'd remembered.

Sushi Fix opens today at 4:30, open daily for dinner.

Sushi Fix
862 East Lake St., Wayzata
952.473.1364; Sushi Fix website

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