Sushi Fix expanding to add sake bar and private dining

Sushi Fix has big changes in store

Sushi Fix has big changes in store

Since opening last spring, Wayzata's Sushi Fix has vaulted to the top of our list for fresh, raw fish. Now the restaurant is ready to expand its location, opening up more seating and introducing additional menu items, a sake bar, and a private dining room where guests can be served cuts of their favorite fish by their very own private sushi chef.

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Construction is set to begin soon, but because the restaurant is taking over a neighboring space, if everything goes well, they won't have to close for the remodel. The plan is to build up the adjoining space and then knock down the separating wall, allowing guests full access to the new space.

According to Sushi Fix chef Enkhbileg "Billy" Tserenbat, the idea is that they'll start to add more West Coast flavors to their repertoire. They've also been experimenting with specialty Wagyu beef, which is likely to find a permanent place on the menu. 

One of the most exciting pieces of the Sushi Fix expansion is the new sake bar, which will offer a wide range of sakes at a variety of price points. They also plan to feature several unique sake-centric martinis.

"By accident, I found this bartender who's been practicing his Japanese-style martini making, and it's a totally different thing," says Tserenbat. "In America, we like to shake our martinis up close to our ears, but in Japan they like to shake the martinis close to their hearts."

Construction is set to begin soon. Plans for the new space will be available to guests sometime between late July or early August.

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