SurlyFest tickets on sale tomorrow

Because we just can't keep our mouths shut, and because we shamelessly parrot any bit of news Surly feeds us, and of course because Surly is just so frikkin rad, we wanted to make sure you know that next month's SurlyFest tickets go on sale at the brewery starting tomorrow between the inconvenient hours of 2 and 4 p.m.

Tickets for the Sept. 19 event are $35 and get you four beers and a sweet Surly stein. Surly Owner Omar Ansari says they'll probably cap off ticket sales at 20 per person, so make sure your poor friend with the flex work hours getting your ass tickets has enough dough to do it. There will also be live music at the event.

For those of you not tres cool enough to be able to schlep out to Brooklyn Center in the middle of your workday (ok, granted, you can get the tickets during random hours this Saturday (12-2 p.m.) as well as next Friday (2-4 p.m.)and Saturday (12-2 p.m.)too) there's always Darkness Day to save yourself for in October. More information on that the minute it comes in. You can count on Hot Dish!

BTW, SurlyFest tix will be available online Sept. 1 if there are any left at that time, which we seriously doubt.

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