Surly named by Beer Nation one of Top 5 best breweries of 2000s


Two from California, two from New York, and one from ... Minnesota? The Brooklyn beer dudes behind "Beer Nation" named Surly Brewing Numero Uno in a list of the "Top 5 Breweries of the 2000s," ahead of California's Bruery and Lost Abbey and New York's Southern Tier and Captain Lawrence breweries.

[L]ike Prince, The Replacements, and Husker Du before it, Surly Brewing has used its art as a vessel to emerge from the frozen tundra of the Twin Cities. One taste of Surley's IPA - Furious - and you'll catch my drift. Furious's balance of bitter hoppiness and sweet maltiness is Rembrandt-esque. And, the earthy smoothness of Surly's brown ale - Bender - tastes like a Mozart sonata sounds. The world has been patiently awaiting a brewery like this.

Check out Episode 1 of "Beer Nation," which features mini-profiles of two of the driving forces behind Brooklyn's craft beer scene, after the jump:

What's your favorite craft brewery of the last decade?