Surly is closing its Brewer’s Table, chef Jorge Guzman leaving

Surly will close the more ambitious arm of its brewery, Brewer's Table, on August 5.

Surly will close the more ambitious arm of its brewery, Brewer's Table, on August 5. Facebook

Surly’s extremely ambitious project in Prospect Park has been through big changes since it opened at the end of 2014, not least of which was the loss of its head brewer, Todd Haug, who was closely associated with the brand. Haug departed in October of last year, telling Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine: “I'm just a lowly brewmaster. They marketed the shit out of me.”

Now comes the news that the also heavily branded chef Jorge Guzman will be departing the company, along with the finer-dining side of the operation. Surly Brewer’s Table was the even more ambitious arm of the company, having recently won a place in Food & Wine’s top 10 best new restaurants of 2016.

According to CBS Minnesota, Guzman was not given the opportunity to continue running the more casual side of Surly’s food operation. Surly spokespeople offered this statement: “The decision was made for a wholesale change.”

City Pages reached out to Surly and they sent us this statement on behalf of Omar Ansari, founder and president of Surly Brewing Co., and Jorge Guzman:

“Today we announce the closing of our chef-driven, fine-dining restaurant Brewer’s Table. We achieved the goals we set for the industry-leading restaurant concept around food and beer pairings. We are focused on continuous innovation and as we close the doors of the Brewer’s Table we look forward to the endless opportunities this brings to reinvent the space. We want to thank Surly Nation and the Brewer’s Table team for their dedication, passion and creativity to the Brewer’s Table experience. Reservations are being accepted and the date of the final serving is set for August. 5. Additional information will be posted to”

Brewer’s Table will remain open through August 5 with Guzman at the helm.

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