Surly Darkness ice cream, free beer, and Vampire Weekend tonight

Ice cream flavored with beer might sound like the stuff of nightmares to some, but many who have tried it love it. Personally, I still mourn the loss of Ben & Jerry's Black and Tan. Thankfully, Surly Darkness makes a good candidate for becoming a dessert as well. It's an imperial stout with notes of cherries, chocolate, raisins, toffee, and just a wee bit of hops. Yum!

You can try some brew turned to dessert over at Ngon Vietnamese Bistro tonight. According to their blog they've created some Surly Darkness ice cream (with coconut cookies added) and will be dishing it up tonight. They will also be spinning vinyl, including the latest Vampire Weekend release. Guests are invited to bring records to spin as well.

Last, but certainly not least, there will be free beer. Mention everyone's favorite loveably depressed donkey, Eeyore, and you'll be treated to a Flat Earth Curly Tail Ale.

Ngon Vietnamese Bistro is located in St. Paul at 799 University Avenue. Questions? Give them a call at 651.222.3301.