Surly confirms Prospect Park for new brewery location

Surly's proposed $20 million beer palace
Surly's proposed $20 million beer palace
Courtesy of Surly Brewing
The deal is done, and if you live in the Prospect Park area of Minneapolis, you'll be getting a new neighbor. MPR reported yesterday that craft brewery Surly Brewing Co. has confirmed the purchase of an eight-acre plot of land near the Minneapolis/St.Paul border and will begin building its $20 million brewery.

The transaction had previously been up in the air due to the conditions of the land left behind by the site's previous tenant. A former food processing plant contributed to an abundance of environmental hazards for which Surly has acquired over $2 million in grants to help clean up. 

The new brewery will allow Surly to increase its production by up to 100,000 barrels a year. In 2012 the brewery produced just shy of 20,000 barrels in its current Brooklyn Center location.


The new building will become what Surly is referring to as a "destination brewery." The location will feature an onsite bar, restaurant, beer garden, and event center and is conveniently located just off the new Central Corridor light rail line.

According to Surly Brewing Co. founder Omar Ansari, ""The Malcolm Midway site has everything we need to build a world-class brewery. We're excited to be moving to a central location that will be a destination for everyone in the Twin Cities."

Surly hopes that cleanup of the new site will begin sometime in the fall.

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