Surly Coffee Bender: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 70

​Never before has a beverage so delicious been so darnn confusing. Is it coffee or is it beer?  Is it acceptable to drink at breakfast, or should it be reserved for later in the day?  Why not both? 

Surly Coffee Bender:  100 Favorite Dishes, No. 70

​On one hand, Surly Coffee Bender goes down like a surprisingly refreshing, oaty and slightly bitter pale ale.  On the other hand, you take a swig of this cold, lightly bubbled brew and you could take it to be a nutty, rich, and chocolaty iced coffee with just a hint of caramel and molasses. The best of both worlds!  Using cold extraction, the geniuses at Surly are able to blend a Guatemalan roast coffee with their delicious Bender ale to create a pretty magical mixture. As you pour this darkly colored beer, the smell of roasted coffee wafts up to your nose and you can't help but feel bright-eyed and ready to start your day ... or night. Try not to let it confuse you, this beer is always acceptable, no matter what time it is.

SURLY COFFEE BENDER (Available year round at most local liquor stores)
Surly Brewing Co. website

Hungry for more? The dishes in our countdown thus far are linked below:

No. 71: Quang's bun tom xao No 72: Maple Bacon Donuts at YoYo Donuts

No. 73:  Cupcake's mini cupcakes

No. 74:  Willy D's ribs

No. 75:  Salsa a la Salsa's fried chocolate truffles

No. 76:  Anodyne's Artichoke Melt

No. 77:  Origami's steamed duck

No. 78: B.T.  McElrath's Salty Dog bar  

No. 79:  Mozza Mia's house-made limoncello

No. 80:  Salty Tart Bakery's pastry cream-filled brioche

No. 81:  Little Szechuan's bamboo tips with chili sauce

No. 82:  Oceanaire's Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

No. 83:  Aperitif's Nonni's Meatballs

No. 84:  Christos's Saganaki

No. 85:  Sesame seed bagel at Seven Stars Coffee House

No. 86:  Lemon ricotta pancake at Hell's Kitchen

No. 87:  Blackbird gourmet banh mi

No. 88:  Tank Goodness cookies

No. 89:  Gal Bee at Sole Cafe

No. 90:  Porter & Frye's El Pelon

No. 91:  Coffee News' fish and chips

No. 92:  Bread & Chocolate's Fabulous Fudge Bar

No. 93:  People's Organic panna cotta

No. 94:  Sea Salt Eatery crawdad po' boy

No. 95:  Fuji Ya's Tofu Don

No. 96:  Ike's Food and Cocktails The Weekender Bloody Mary

No. 97:  Punch's Toto pizza

No. 98:  Stockholm Pie Company's peanut butter fudge cream pie

No. 99:  Dogwood Coffee Co.'s macchiato

No. 100:  Al's Breakfast buttermilk pancakes

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