Surly Brews The Devil's Work for Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats Concert Tonight


When British band Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats roll through town tonight, their unique brand of doom metal won't be the only dark and evil presence at the Triple Rock. Surly has brewed a special batch of The Devil's Work, a one-off small batch beer unique to the occasion.

The beer is a porter in style with blackstrap molasses, star anise, and dry-hopped Sterling hops, giving it flavors of black licorice and blackened malt with a spicy, floral hop aroma. It will be on draft at the concert in limited supply.

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It's the band's first performance in Minnesota and Surly's Todd Haug, who caught another of Uncle Acid's pioneer shows -- their first U.S. show at last year's Maryland Death Fest -- worked with the band to match up a flavor profile with the dark rockers. Marrying the beer with their music was important, and The Devil's Work is explained as "dark, evil, and unique, yet classic."

Surly also created a specialty beer for Amon Amarth's February concert, the Asator Viking IPA.

"Creating new beer formulations is the entire reason I got into brewing," Haug explains. "Discovering how raw materials (water chemistry, malt, sugars, hops, yeast, spices) interact with each other and hearing how much people enjoy these limited beers" is rewarding, he says. "It's also my opportunity to mentor our production staff on beer formulation development," he says, adding that more small-batch beers are coming soon from the brewery.


Their Asator Viking IPA later appeared in the taproom following the February concert, but no guarantees are made that The Devil's Work will still be available on October 2.

Surly's construction of a destination brewery in Minneapolis is expected to be completed in early 2015.

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