Surly brews special IPA for death metal fans


In case Surly Darkness and Surly Pentagram weren't evil enough, Surly has brewed a special IPA for the upcoming Deceiver of the Gods tour, featuring metal bands Amon Amarth, Enslaved, and Skeletonwitch. With Surly already sponsoring the Mill City Nights show, metal fan/head brewer Todd Haug took the next logical step: He brewed a special batch just for the event.

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Fans can check out three well known metal bands while sipping on a fresh Asator Viking IPA. The beer takes its name from the song "Asator," on Amon Amarth's album With Oden on Our Side, chosen by Haug because, "The beer needed a Norse/black metal name that was concise yet not too easy. This fit the best."

"Asator Surly Viking IPA is a beer fit for battle," Haug notes. "[It's] fermented on oak with a ruddy brown color. The ale was brewed with peated, brown, and crystal malts to create a shield wall of malt flavors, only to be hacked apart by a swinging sword of hops!"

"We've all drunk beers together at some point," Haug says of the bands and gaining their permission for the special brew. "We'll see when the bands want to try it: pre-performance or post."

As for the beer's limited availability, only one batch was brewed, totaling about 48 and a half barrel kegs. If any survives the show on February 8, it will be available at the Surly taproom the following week, starting on February 12.

Deceiver of the Gods tour
Feb. 8, 2014
Mill City Nights
8 p.m.


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