Surly Brewing Co. receives a gigantic delivery [VIDEO]

While the Surly bill meanders its way through the legislative process, time and beer wait for no man.

Today, Surly Brewing Co. owner Omar Ansari posted some videos of the expansion of his Brooklyn Center brewery -- including a massive 120-barrel tank being lowered by crane through the roof.

Since it opened five years ago, Surly has been growing at an explosive rate. Last year they did 11,500 barrels of Furious, Bender and Abrasive, and have a waiting list of frustrated liquor store owners who want to stock it. There's still space in the warehouse for more tanks, but it will max out at 20,000 barrels in about two years. That's the main motivation behind Ansari's work on the Surly bill, which would legalize the plans for his $20 million dream brewery.

But before any of that happens, he's expanding the current location. The videos show delivery of an enormous 120-barrel Brite tank -- where the beer goes to be carbonated after fermentation -- by crane:

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