Surly bill passes House floor vote 127-5

Beer lovers, rejoice!

Moments ago, the House passed the Surly bill by a landslide vote of 127-5, a moment many craft beer fans feared would never come to pass. Minnesotan brewers are now one giant step closer to opening taprooms on-site at their breweries.

Since February, Surly Brewing Co. owner Omar Ansari has been pushing passage of a bill that would allow brewers to sell their pints in their breweries. He created a frenzy of public interest by announcing plans to build a $20 million destination brewery , which would only be legal if the bill passes. The ambitious plan spurred backlash from leaders in the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association, which only seemed to fuel the fire of Surly fans who bombarded legislators with letters and calls in support for the bill.

All the controversy now seems a distant memory as the bill sailed to victory as a part of a larger liquor omnibus bill. We'll keep you posted on what's next in the Senate.

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