Surly beer now offered on Sun Country flights

From the factory lines to your aisle seat

From the factory lines to your aisle seat

We're big supporters of local people and businesses getting together to collaborate on new projects. Lizzo and Har Mar Superstar performing together on stage, fully decked out in ponchos.  Vellee Deli popping up at Crema Cafe, making it possible to get top-notch espresso and Korean short rib burritos in one fell swoop. But the most recently announced match-up of two Minnesota companies coming together for the greater good is one to get very excited about. Especially if you like to have a little something besides trashy magazines to take the edge off when you fly.

In addition to their regular lineup of macro brews, Mendota Heights-based Sun Country Airlines is now serving Surly Hell, Furious, and Bender fresh from the can on their flights.  

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In the spirit of banding together as independent outfits, Sun Country was the party that initiated the deal, reports the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. Cans will be sold for $7 for passengers who fly coach and be offered as part of the complimentary beverage service to first class customers. If ever there were a reason to get an upgraded seat to fly from MSP to MCO (that's Orlando for those who were not made to memorize airport codes in school), that complimentary Surly is a pretty compelling one.

The question now is whether this deal will be exclusive. Few, if any, other airlines have made the move to true craft beer, though some upped the ante on the premium brands they offer. Alaska Airlines serves Kona Longboard on select flights and Virgin Airlines has an impressive lineup that includes Anchor Steam and Gordon Biersch Marzen. But the boom in the craft beer market means there is a greater need to find places to actually serve that beer, and it only makes sense to look to the skies. We know we're on board.

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